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Aromatic Healing Touch

Can you imagine your spirit, or energy fields being anointed?

What would this mean to you?

Anointing with oils is a practice many cultures have used for centuries for many reasons. To celebrate, worship, meditate, connect with the Gods, heal, honour, make King or Queen, soothe, nurture, protect, and to transform our fields of consciousness.

Aromatic Healing Touch assists with the clarity, love, and courage that is required to enjoy the gift of life and the understanding that we will all fulfil our destiny.

TRANSFORMATIONAL PACKAGE - 4 sessions over 40 days.

"I guarantee that if for any reason you do not find these 40 days a fulfilling and transformational experience, you can tell me and I will refund your money in full." Alison

Reiki Treatment

"Thanks, Alison, for the book, and a big thanks for listening to me & much love to you. It’s the most challenging part having someone to rebound off of cheers again"


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