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About IntoFreedom

I started IntoFreedom 20 years ago. I had been in business and worked in the corporate world before that. If you told me then of my work and journey into freedom and healing, I would not have been able to believe you.

I studied Yoga at Gita International, not with the intention of teaching, more with a curiosity as to how I would handle the discipline.  Ironically I have taught continually from 1999. Yoga sustains me, and I find it a safe place to grow.

Yoga led me to study further and become a practitioner of Shiatsu, Meridian Therapies of Manaka and a ToyoHari Practitioner (Japan). I discovered that I could ‘seek-feel’ live points and energy and this ‘seek-feel' connection made a positive difference to my clientele’s wellbeing. My curiosity pushed me in my quest for expanding consciousness. My love of learning supported me to work on my Inner Plane. I am not an Acupuncturist yet I resonated deeply, as if coming home, with Dr Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing publications. I read avidly and practiced what I could. During this period around 2007-09 I would use Essential Oils to make my Clinic and Yoga room smell beautiful. However, once introduced to Young Living and their Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils my life changed.

In 2009 the opportunity to travel to Ecuador to study with Young Living founder D Gary Young who was teaching.   At this time I was practicing Dr. Sankey’s  3-6-1 Antahkarana Meditation he described in Sea of Fire Cosmic Fire  Vol IV.  I so wanted to experience a treatment that encompassed his work.  I wanted to know what it was like to have an Encoded Pattern applied to my physical and spiritual being.  I could imagine it, but that did not give me the knowing or certainty I was seeking.  Doubt and skepticism got in the way of trust and truth.  

I went to Ecuador (another life-changing experience) and on to LA and my one session with Dr Mikio. I had booked two, but I was delayed a day in travel. So one it was.  In that session, the Encoded Pattern of Esoteric Heart Shaoyin was applied followed by the Crystalline Grid.  During this 90 minute treatment all that was in my mind, my senses and my being was that I was there to bring Dr. Mikio to Australia.  I had to ask him if he would come and he replied. “I’m open to that”.   There was nothing I could say to... that!  The dates appeared!  "After Easter, May 10th 2010"  I suggested.  By this time I was thinking he would say he was busy and that it wouldn’t work and I’d be off the hook.  But no…. He said, “I’m open to that”.   Again... there was nothing to say. Nothing.

The treatment answered my curiosity.   I moved from doubt to Knowing.  It was to much to continue the conversation with Mikio.  So I gratefully paid. and left saying “Thank you. You are so familiar... About coming to Australia? To be continued”.

In my heart, I made myself the promise that if I still felt like I did at that moment in 6 weeks' time I would bring him to Australia.  I had no idea how.  However, bring him to Australia is what I did and did so every year September until 2014.

In 2015 Dr. Sankey authorised me to teach. There were many reasons. Dollar value. Travel time and the expansion of the work.

It is humbling, an honor to facilitate the healing of healers that I have witnessed as a result.  Infinite Gratitude.

If you are still reading you will know somewhere in the recesses of your mind that you too are a Light Worker, Pioneer, Student an Initiate.  You have a calling, a knowing and seek to expand your connection to this Truth.  

Welcome, much love, 


Alison High Resolution Pic.jpg

Alison Clarke-Daly

Founder of IntoFreedom

This is Alison Clarke-Daly founder of IntoFreedom. For your convenience, if there is anything you need help with before you read on, please email me and I will take care of it for you.

If you are a practitioner desiring to know more of:

  • Esoteric Acupuncture (Spiritual side of Acupuncture)

  • Advanced Energy Healing

  • Light Worker Training and Selenite Swords of Light


Or you are a Yoga Teacher wanting to provide more meaningful classes and expand your business.

Or maybe you are looking for a Therapy session of:

  • Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing

  • ToyoHari

  • Shiatsu

  • Aromatic Healing Touch - Raindrop

  • Or a Yoga Class.


Let me assure you, right now that, like you, I am a student, a Light Worker and a pioneer exploring the frontier of expanding awareness consciously.  I understand why you may have landed on my site and I am here to share with you the best way that I can.

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