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Selenite Swords
of Light & Light Workers Devices


From the  very first day of  picking up a Selenite Swords of Light, I have endeavored to offer a quality selection of tools, swords, and devices to Light Workers in Australia. We work closely with Tom to assist you and your sword  to find each other. Indeed profound magic, an honour.


The swords & devices are the most advanced and powerful lightworkers' tools on  our planet at this time.


Browse the videos, listen with your heart, 💖 and check out if your hearts desire is available.  Much love, Alison

Selenite Swords of Light
created for

  Esoteric Acupuncture
Advanced Energy Healing 
Code - E1        11"- 12 1/2" 
$AU 418
Samples of stock - ask for more 


Selenite Swords of Light
no engraving on the blade
accent crystal as shown
1" Handle diameter 

Code - C  12" - 18" 
Price Range  $AU600
 - $1400

Unbounded in  clearing & magnifying 
Price $AU 430

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Light Work Devices
Chakra Clearing Sets
Pyramids, & Pendulums,
Sacred Geometric Designs

Mixes of Toth, Merlinite & 400

Price range $33 - $1100

Swords & Devices 

We endeavor to keep the stock depicted in each video current. It may not always be possible. 

However, swords and devices do tend to find their owners. Do not hesitate to make contact to discuss your needs or dreams. There may even be something greater than you can dream of. 

Prices are inclusive of gst and postage within Australia is less than $25. 

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