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Would you like to understand more, more about the profound power of essential oils? The GOOD OIL CLUB was created to satisfy this curiosity. The mission is to inspire wisdom and choice, to educate, experiment, share and empower.

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"Empowering you to be all that you can be"


3-DAY SYMPOSIUM of Delight 

 IntoFreedom Boronia & Animal Day - Somerville

IN-PERSON - with Susan Marshall Fri 24th November The joys and benefits for HUMANS and ANIMALS. Yes, you can book a PRIVATE CONSUTATION for yourself and/or YOUR DOG. Yes, you can experience how to balance naturally WOMEN's HORMONES Sat 25th November - ANIMAL DAY A day for Horse and Dog lovers of natural care. In Somerville. Sun 25th How to, why, and the benefits of AM - SKIN from the inside & PM Staying above the WELLNESS line plus meditation nurturing and so much more.

"Inspiring Choice & Selfcare" 

Caring for your Dog or Cat…. Naturally Our dogs and cats display such unconditional love for us that it makes sense we want to give them the very best, and that includes their health care. The healthier our furry friends are, the longer they remain by our side. Join us for this fun and interactive class where you will learn wonderful tips for health care, including the use of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Susan has been using the Young Living essential oils and products on all of her animals for 20 years and has seen how beneficial they have been for supporting great health, both physically and emotionally. •During this class, you will learn WHAT essential oils are, HOW to use them on your dog or cat (including safety considerations), and WHEN to use them. Susan will also impart her knowledge and suggestions on the various challenges that our beloved fur friends face, such as: *Separation Anxiety *Storm Season *Pesky Pests during the Summer Months *Joints and Ligaments *Rehabilitating the Abused/Traumatised Dog *And much more! **Watch as Susan demonstrates essential oil application on a dog, and at the conclusion of the class, Susan will perform the incredibly powerful and relaxing “Raindrop Technique” on a lucky canine recipient! Where: Sommerville When: Sat 24th November Time: 2pm – 3.30pm *Bookings are a must as tickets are limited *Notes provided For more details, please contact Alison 0422 845 105 or Karen 0458 527 368 Email Book your tickets on TryBooking/…….. Buy All Day Saturday ticket for $60 to attend BOTH events. (We kindly ask that no videos or recordings be made of this event. Photos are welcome.) Raindrop Technique can provide benefits to dogs in a variety of ways such as: •General support following an illness or injury •Pre or post-workout support for dogs involved in competitive sports •Support for the active dogs •A beautiful pampering for dogs •A lovely opportunity to bond with a dog •Emotional support for the dog, especially if they are scared, timid or aggressive, or have had a prior history of abuse/anxiety •Support for the palliative care dog

ALL-NATURAL HORSE CARE with the Young Living essential oils Join us for a fun and informative session where you will learn about all-natural horse care. During this session we will talk about the benefits of returning to nature when looking after your horse. You will also learn how you can support your horse’s health, both physically and emotionally, through the use of essential oils. •Watch as we give practical demonstrations on a horse, so that you feel comfortable knowing which oils or products to use, how to use them, and when to use them. •Hear about the success stories we’ve had using the Young Living essential oils and products on animals all over the world! •You will also have the opportunity to watch a horse receive a Raindrop Technique – a gentle yet powerful modality using the Young Living oils. Date: Saturday 25th Nov Time: 9.30am – 12.00 noon Venue: Somerville (address tbc) BYO: Lunch RSVP: Buy All Day Saturday ticket to attend BOTH events (horses in the morning and small animals (dogs/cats) in the afternoon. Enquiries: Alison 0422 845 105 or Karen 0458 527 368 Email: Notes are provided. We ask that no filming or recording be made at this event. Photos are welcome. This session is limited to 20 people so everyone can watch the demonstration and ask questions. This is a non-catered event. Raindrop Technique can offer wonderful support to the horse. Here are some situations where it can provide benefits: •General support following an illness or injury •Pre or post-workout support for the ridden or competition horse •A beautiful pampering for the horse •A lovely opportunity to bond with your horse •Emotional support for your horse, especially if they are nervous/jittery, or have had a prior history of abuse •Support for the palliative care horse About the Presenter Susan Marshall is a qualified and experienced essential oils practitioner for people and pets. She is an animal lover, having owned a variety of pets, including cats, dogs, horses, fish and mice. For 20 years, she has successfully used the Young Living essential oils and products on her animals. Her passion is to educate pet owners on the amazing benefits of essential oils and products and to show how to support your pets' health in a chemical-free way. Check out her website


3-DAY SYMPOSIUM of Delight 

IntoFreedom - Boronia & Animal Day - Somerville


The mission is to share personal, practical, delightful, inspiring experiences and information with the intention that you get the very best value and return on investment from your intuitive love of essential oils.


It's been a long, long time since we have been able to have an In-Person gathering. The world has changed. The time is now.

We have asked Susan Marshall, our Young Living Gold Leader, to come to us. Why? Well, we love Susan's skills, availability and compassionate sharing. (no hype)

Days and sessions are open to Good Oil Club members and friends.  Tickets available now.   


Check the options.

Personal Consultations, iTovi report, Up-Close Equine and Canine demonstrations and questions,  Small Animals, Hormone Help, Skin, Natural Wellbeing, Oils for Emotions, Valor Balance experience.


Essential Oils used at classes will be supplied.

Bring a pen, paper and a sense of fun and adventure. 

Some classes have handouts.

Catering is not provided; you will need to bring your lunch.

Join us on Saturday evening, local cheap and cheerful dinner. 


Three Delight Days The PROGRAM & TIMES & ALL DETAILS. We have asked Susan Marshall, our Young Living Gold Leader from QLD to come to us. The days are open to Good Oil Club members and friends. Check the options. Three Days, Equine, Small Animals, Hormones, Skin, Wellbeing & more. Catering is not provided; you will need to bring your own lunch. You can join us on Saturday evening for dinner local and inexpensive. ___________________________________________________________________ IntoFreedom – Boronia FRIDAY 11.00 AM – 5.00PM, 24/11 PRIVATE CONSULTATION with Susan for your dog or cat or iTovi scan for yourself. -30-minute One-on-One CONSULTATION with Susan. -Limited timeslots. Book now and we can discuss your needs and time. FRIDAY NIGHT 7.00 PM - 9.00 PM, 24/11 WOMEN'S HORMONE – Inspiring choice and self-care. Natural ways to support your Endocrine System. We will cover painful periods, PMS, hot flushes, hair loss, pre-menopause, peri-menopause, menopause, low libido, low energy, anxiety and what can throw us out of balance. Ask all those important questions. This popular class will show you how to use Young Living essential oils and supplements to support the body. Millions of women worldwide attest to their efficacy! ___________________________________________________________________ . @ Somerville SATURDAY MORNING 9.30 AM – 12.30 PM, 25/11 HORSE CARE (includes Raindrop Technique) How to support your horse’s health naturally. Witness Susan’s unique connection with animals Diminish vet bills with lots of practical tips. Watch a horse receive a Raindrop Technique and see the benefits physically and emotionally first-hand! Don’t miss this. SATURDAY AFTERNOON 1.30 PM – 4.00 PM, 25/11 SMALL ANIMALS CLASS – Don’t miss this. Our animals give us unconditional love, so learn how to pamper them and watch them sink into a state of pure bliss. This focus is on small animals—our domestic pets, dogs & cats. Dogs have a completely different energy field than humans. Their energy field is ten times bigger than that of humans. We discuss safety issues and how best to introduce essential oils. Q. Is your dog the lucky dog to be the recipient of a Raindrop Technique? -If this is you and your forever furry friend, ask us now. SAT NIGHT 7.00 PM TBC (Local to Boronia) DINNER WITH SUSAN, ALISON & KAREN Join us for dinner with Susan, The venue tbc but somewhere locally. The opportunity to chat, build relationships, and network. Get practical advice on how to get your YL products with minimal expense, find your way around Virtual Office, how to easily order USA products, the simplest way to share YL and how to introduce people to Essential Rewards, YL Foundation, how to build your team. The table is yours to explore. ___________________________________________________________________ Into Freedom – Boronia SUNDAY MORNING 10.00 AM – 12.30 PM, 26/11. -SKINCARE- FROM THE INSIDE OUT -EMOTIONAL WELL BEING -MEDITATION -All things skin. Which product is right for your skin type? Collagen what are the benefits? Sunscreen and Mosquito repellents. How to support conditions like eczema, dry skin, aging skin. -Emotional Well-Being. When and how to use the blends of emotional oils. The best ones to have in your toolbox (or handbag). -YOU time. Lay down on yoga mats or sit upright with a blanket and have some time out for yourself. Experience and anointing and meditation. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 2.00 PM-4.30 PM, 26/11 -KEEPING ABOVE THE WELLNESS LINE -VALOR BALANCE – GIVE ONE & RECEIVE ONE (bring a friend with you) Supporting ourselves with Young Living. Learn why with the addition of essential oils, everyday health supplements are more powerful. This class is a Well-being game changer. Discussions on sleep, immune system, hormones, antioxidants, alkalise, longevity, chemical toxicity and oils for optimal health. Give and receive a Gary Young “Valor Balance” (which came to him in a dream) Its the cornestone to the Raindrop Technique.


"Thanks, Alison, for the book, and a big thanks for listening to me & much love to you. It’s the most challenging part having someone to rebound off of cheers again"


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