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Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing Workshops & Therapy,
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Advanced Energy Healing


"Spiritual side of Acupuncture"

Aug 17 - Sept 28 2022

Live Online - weekly for seven weeks  




Advanced Energy Healing


"Spiritual side of Acupuncture"

Jun 8 - July 20 2023

Live Online - weekly for seven weeks  




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Into Freedom

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Esoteric Acupuncture is not merely a different treatment modality where the practitioner learns how to sequence acupuncture points in various geometric patterns.

Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is a way of life that focuses on staying centred in one’s Higher Spiritual Heart Field.

We are strengthening and refining our Axiatonal Heart Grid System and consciously expanding consciousness.  

A magical workshop for Advanced Energy healers of all modalities.

"As your inner spiritual world unfolds through dedicated inner plane work and as you're able to hold increased levels of light for longer periods of time your Antahkarana will also unfold.  The Antahkarana is an ageless open system."  Dr. Mikio Sankey Ph.D., L,Ac. Antahkarana Celestial Fullness Esoteric Acupuncture Vol Vl

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Light Work Training

Selenite Swords of Light


2022 October  28, 29 & 30 

You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience?

Light Work Training allows you to discern, know, confirm, even create a relationship with your Spiritual Beingness.

Practice Chakra & Light Body Activation. Cleanse Subtle Bodies.

  Learn how to connect and influence your energetic Self, and Auric Fields.


Experience the power of alignment, clarity, wholeness, gentleness, love, compassion, and energetic healing.

The Light Workers' ultimate tool, along with love, wisdom, and courage is a Sword of Light...the possibilities are unbounded, limitless.  


Your time is now

Thank you so much Alison.
I apologize for not handing homework in throughout the course; I did reflect on it and got a lot out of that process. I enjoyed the experiential aspects of this class the most.

thank you for doing this. 🙏

Thank you Alison for your teachings and support throughout the course. You have inspired me to go beyond physical acupuncture treatments

I really enjoyed it all . There is so much to get through, I am grateful to have had 7 weeks to digest it! The break out rooms work well and it’s helpful to get homework feedback. I am feeling so much alignment with this work and what I am already offering. Ah -ha moments everywhere!


I am Alison Clarke-Daly, founder of IntoFreedom. I started IntoFreedom 20 years ago. I had been in business and worked in the corporate world before that. If you told me then of my work and journey into freedom and healing, I would not have been able to believe you.

Let me assure you, right now that, like you, I am a student, a Light Worker and a pioneer exploring the frontier of expanding awareness consciously. I understand why you may have landed on my site and I am here to share with you the best way that I can.

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