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Are you stressed and stiff? Do you desire 'me' time?

The class is a mix of Hatha Yoga asanas that are gentle, strong, and deliberately focused on the alignment of body, mind, spirit. Includes stillness, meditation, relaxation, and ageless wisdoms from various disciplines and teachers I have encountered and studied with over the previous 30 years. The class is practical, nurturing and provides healing tools that relate to today's needs.

IntoFreedom YOGA  

'a safe place to grow'

Monday 9.30am, 7.30pm

Wednesday 7.30pm

​Online and in the studio.

Your individual needs and levels of experience are catered for.

Find out NOW if there is a space for you.


Alison Clarke-Daly

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Austalia - Level 2
Dip. Teaching Hatha Yoga Gita International
Integral Yoga Level 1

"Thanks, Alison, for the book, and a big thanks for listening to me & much love to you. It’s the most challenging part having someone to rebound off of cheers again"


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