New Moon Gatherings

WorldWide Activations

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 WORLDWIDE Selenite Sword of Light ACTIVATION   

Free, gifted, monthly, an hour by Tom & Maryke, for you & our world.

As a group, we can transmute fear and disharmony, creating more love, light, grace, and gratitude for ourselves and our planet.


The time and day stay the same.

Friday 4 PM Moutain Time US - Check your time zone!!!

In Austalia, this time is Saturday morning,

Click Find this month's date & register.


Zoom ID: 269 310 7673  Passcode: 150860

New Moon Gathering
 by Light Workers for lightworkers

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Enjoy your Light WorkerTribe💖 from your Sacred Space for every New Moon.


When a New Moon falls on Friday or the weekend, we meet at 8 AM. 

When a New Moon falls on a weekday, we meet at 8 PM

8 PM AEDT Tuesday February 1st Year of the Tiger

8 PM AEDT Thursday March 3rd

8 AM AEDT Friday 1st April

8 AM AEST Sunday 1st May

8 AM AEST Sunday 29th May

8 PM AEST Wednesday 29th June

8 AM AEST Friday 29th July

8 AM AEST Saturday 27th August

8 AM AEST Sunday 25th September

8 PM AEDT  Tuesday 25th October

8 PM AEDT Wednesday 23rd November

8 AM AEDT Friday 23rd December


The gathering is experiential. 💖 Your personal experience.
Our mission is to expand our awareness of our unbounded potential.
Do you need to be skilled?

 No. Whatever skill you perceive of yourself. You are welcome. 

You may need to be curious and come with an open mind.

You will know in your heart if this gifted hour each month is worthwhile for you.

Enjoy the journey.  

Create a SACRED SPACE wherever you are.

Times and dates change however the ZOOM LINK stays the same.


                        Meeting ID: 861 9877 3524  Passcode: sword

Bring your sword, your devices, and connect via zoom 

2022 Light Work Training - Tom & Maryke


in Australia in October 

"Thanks, Alison, for the book, and a big thanks for listening to me & much love to you. It’s the most challenging part having someone to rebound off of cheers again"