2022 Light Work Training - Tom & Maryke


in Australia in October 

Above the Clouds

The Full Story

Tom Ledder 

Tom Ledder is an Alchemist of extraordinary talent and the founder of SELENITE SWORD MAKER LLC.

His mission is to bring tools and knowledge of  Ascension to the world.

He handcrafts potent multi-dimensional, quantum energy tools, Selenite Swords of Light, Ascension Staffs, Crystalline Flower of Life, Crystalline Ankhs, and other Light Work Tools and Devices.  

Tom began teaching the Light Worker Training Program in 2006 to lightworkers, healers of many modalities, and acupuncturists. He teaches this program throughout the USA, Australia, and Japan

Maryke Del Castillo

Maryke is a Master Lightworker, a maestro in awakening and activating an individual's light language and other multidimensional capabilities. She is a channel for Sacred Sound, Divine Feminine Beings and can bridge multiple dimensions of light. Maryke offers personal channel sessions called "Divine Wonder Sessions" via skype or in person.


For the last seven years, she and Tom have taught Light Worker Training Workshops in Australia and the United States.

 When we changed the Light Work Training Workshop from an in-person format to the Online Live Zoom format we discovered many advantages.  We find that the relationship and the connection to energy, and the awareness of energetic shifts in fields, are felt, witnessed even more clearly and strongly. That processes and protocols can be shared in an intimate practice space of a one-on-one "Break-out" Zoom Room. This experience is expanding all fields of consciousness, heartwarming, and very exciting to be witness to.  The day Online Live goes very fast, it seems we work beyond the constraints of time and space.   At the speed of light.  Alison Clarke-Daly

Tom & Maryke are returning to Austalia in October-November 2022
What's in it for you. 


First Day

  • Group Heart Activation – connection, awareness, subtle nurturing power of Light

  • Why and what is the Alchemy in the Swords of Light

  • Learn techniques to activate, clear and balance chakras, meridians, and auric fields.

  • How sound  magnifies Light Work

  • Practice activation techniques One-on-one, via Zoom.

  • Receive activation of Divine Feminine Energies, assisting in personal healing and the recalibration of the planet 

Second Day

  • Group Heart Activation – connection, awareness, subtle nurturing power of Light

  • Learn how to raise your own vibration

  • Experience an impressive DNA Activation.

  • Practice one-on-one the Light Body Rounding designed to raise your light quotient.

  • Learn the protocols of  Crystalline Dowsing Pendulum.  Yes & No answers and how to transform and remove non-beneficial energies from ourselves, our companies, homes, and projects.

  •  Experience a practical application of the Swords ability to transform negative energy

  • Maryke will share the heart-based techniques to awaken your sacred vocal expression-Light Language

  • Maryke brings in new Energies and Light Codes  from her recent trips to Guatemala Sacred Lake Atitlan, Volcanoes  and Hawaii Dolphin Water Temples, Dragon Council and Goddess Pele

Third Day

  • Group Heart Activation-– connection, awareness, subtle nurturing power of Light

  • Light Body Rounding. Increase your light quotient. One-on-one adventure into light and vibration via Zoom and the protocol  of  the Light Body Activation

  • Learn some of the secrets and processes of the Crystalline Ankh.

  •  Experience the clearing of none beneficial energy from chakras, endocrine system and physical organs.  

  • Maryke will be teaching the heart-based skills and techniques to awaken your sacred vocal's and your Light Language

  • We will introduce  new Energies and Light Codes from the  WINGED ISIS MASTER SWORD OF LIGHT

  • Closing Ceremony working  together with the Planetary Grid to Anchor more LOVE-LIGHT GRACE and GRATITUDE


Tom & Maryke go live from Fort Collins Colorado.  MT 4 PM - 11 PM   


In Australia   AEDT 9 AM - 4 PM 


To repeat this workshop is a delight. Returning Master Light Workers are very welcome.