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There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed our way of being. As I write this blog, I wonder what a fascinating experience. I keep thinking that this is the first time humanity has the same issues. Everyone on the planet is affected in some way. Maybe the last time this happened was when a meteorite hit our planet, and the resulting dust, etc., caused the sun to be blocked out, and the dinosaurs could not survive, and humans began their evolution.

There are big questions that we are all being asked to answer for ourselves. Rights and responsibilities. Where do freedom and reliance collide? Vaccinate or not? Back yourself with your own knowledge and awareness or surrender to the advantage of science. Or both? Never before have we as a species been so individually challenged. Where will this end? When will this end? Will it end? How do we personally negotiate through this challenging change? For a change, it is.

Never a dull moment,

Much love,


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