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Aroma Bliss (Emotional Clearing)

Tuesday 4th April 2017 - Clear your diary, leave work early, organise the family and join the adventure in love & healing.

Love & light, Alison Available to GOOD OIL CLUB members and their guests.

Experience giving and receiving an Aroma Bliss (Emotional Clearing)

Essential oils have a profound ability to transform emotional blockages, in both people and animals. “Emotional Clearing Technique" is a personal journey, in a group setting. It introduces you to some of Young Living’s more unusual essential oils for emotional support (although the Feelings Kit oils can be substituted if desired). The process is an anointing technique which works on the chakras of the body (including the palm chakra), and involves some exquisite steps like spritzing and cleansing the aura with oils, as well as anointing specific “receptor” chakras in order to promote transformation and release.

The wonderful aroma of the oils stimulates the limbic region of the brain, where emotions and memory are stored. By oxygenating and awakening this part of the brain (often called the subconscious mind), emotional intelligence can occur..... often in the most gentle and flowing of ways, allowing you to feel, recognise, forgive and renew.

You very likely will bliss out during your session. You may very well fall asleep, with the deeply relaxing effects of the oils.....or you might recall things (have things pop into your mind) that you haven't thought of in years. You could find your mind drawn to current concerns, and find new perspectives on those. And yes, you might feel some emotions – joy, sorrow, anger.

Working as part of a group can be a very wondrous and powerful experience, where a lot of synchronicities can occur. The love and gentleness from your givers will in itself be a blessing.

The experience will be supported from Alison’s background in emotional transformation work, her personal experiences in this arena, and promises to be a heart-filled treasure chest for all who attend. We hope you can make it. Please let me know if you can bring a massage table.

You will be working in groups of 3, and everyone will have a turn at both giving and receiving. We will do three 45 minute emotional clearings this evening!!!

Bring pen and paper for taking notes. Date: Tuesday 4th April Time: 6.30 pm - 10pm Venue: IntoFreedom 12 Ronald Crescent Boronia 3155 Cost: Earlybird prices apply if booked and paid by Monday 9am 31st March Early bird: $35 Aroma Bliss Full price: $40 Aroma Bliss Class sizes are limited.


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