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What is Advanced Energy Healing?

Are you interested in learning about Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing System?

Do you want to learn about a healing system that encompasses a broader spectrum of healing with an emphasis on the Wellness stage rather than the Disease stage?

Are you looking to balance your energy centres and reach a higher level of consciousness by freely opening your heart chakra to rely on a higher intuitive power of the heart?

Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing is not just for acupuncturists, but is applicable for everyday life by anyone who desires to awaken their higher spiritual aspects and to live a life that is more fully tuned to the changing energy shifts of the New Millennium. You can use the principles and materials presented in this workshop as tools and protocols to assist in that awakening.” – Dr. Mikio Sankey

Esoteric Acupuncture is a synthesis of traditional Chinese acupuncture and Chinese Five Element Theory with the Hindu Nadi System and Laya Yoga, elements of the Hebrew Kabbala, Sacred Geometry, quantum and superstring physics, Naturopathy and a few newer thoughts of the Age of Aquarius and much more.

All of these philosophies are combined in a usable format through the utilization of the Chakra Patterns and the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing. One of the basic keys for understanding Esoteric Advanced Energy Healing is to understand that acupuncture points are gateways used to access consciousness at levels higher than the physical, emotional, or mental when sequenced in a particular order or pattern.

It was a system developed to address the complex imbalances of people today. Imbalances on the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic and monadic planes.

"The Healer must understand the emotional and mental fabric of the client and attempt to do the healing on the Soul level rather than merely to on the physical plane. If there is a heart to heart connection on the Soul level between the healer and the client, then the client will usually make a major change in his or her lifestyle, rather than only expect a physical cure."

Dr Mikio Sankey Ph.D., L.Ac.

So… you’re a health practitioner using your gifts of healing and helping others, every time you practice and treat using these Advanced Energy Healing techniques and sequences you simultaneously help your Self for this practice is from the Heart, connects the Mind and allows you to find your “Puzzle Piece”.

By completing Dr. Mikio’s comprehensive 3 phase healing course presented by Alison Clarke-Daly, you will experience clarity, certainty, stillness, presence and an expansion of consciousness which manifests in the development of your higher senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, prophecy. You begin to work from the Heart, experiencing and knowing a blissful feeling of fulfillment and living daily in love, wisdom and healing.

The beauty of this course is that it offers a way for practitioners to use their own intrinsic powers of healing and it is not limited to acupuncture needles but rather a range of powerful healing tools such as tuning forks, high frequency Astral Oils or Selenite Swords of Light which will allow you to connect to your higher realms and expand your consciousness.

The new acupuncture patterns are merely one method to accelerate our growth and to assist in the journey of unfoldment into the higher consciousness realms. We all carry this spark or seed of energy connected to the higher finer vibrations and only need to water and nurture the seed in order to grow and flourish. The speed and growth of this seed is in direct proportion to the amount of chi we direct towards helping the seed to germinate. Having treatments with the new acupuncture treatments can be thought of as watering the seeds within us to assist with our journey of spiritual awaking and expansion to levels of higher consciousness.

True healing is understanding our journey here on earth and understanding why we are here in this incarnation. We learn to heal ourselves by the act of healing others and in so doing come to realise that healing others is really about healing ourselves. The journey of our inner spiritual growth is our own personal gateway to expanded healing.

The time for you is now?

Remember, you are the Advanced Gård –– The Grid Workers and The Advanced Energy Healers.

So take action now and be part of the ever-growing community of advanced energy and esoteric healers and enroll in the September course to enhance your treatment skills while playing a bigger role in your own conscious evolution.

What other practitioners had to say after completing Dr. Mikio Sankey’s Advanced Energy Healing Course: “I am energized, not drained after a day’s work”

“Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing has renewed my original passion in wanting to work with Qi and Healing”

“I do not have to use needles or be trained in Acupuncture for my clients to benefit greatly.”

“I use the patterns and points along or within my normal practice. My patients often say, “Whatever you did was different. Thank you. I feel different”

“Diagnosis by understanding the Tiers of Density is Life Style based. It adds a level of understanding that allows me to talk to my clients at an appropriate level. Be that football, McDonalds, yoga, meditation, relationship issues or the higher realms.”

“My rooms are welcoming and have an air of calmness that hasn’t been available before” You will already know by now if this course is for you. Don’t let fear or time hold you back from enhancing your true potential.

“Reaching the highest level of consciousness that is possible is to me the highest form of healing. The key is Alignment.” Dr. Mikio Sankey.

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