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Daphne shares her experience

The following letter Daphne kindly sent to me and asked me to share with you. Enjoy!

Hi Alison,

I thought I would share with you my thoughts & experiences with Tom Ledder. Perhaps it will help others to decide if they should attend his workshop.

I attended Tom’s Level 3 Selinite Workshop in 2014 at the Gold Coast. Since then I have been using his 18” selenite gold and silver handles swords in my acupuncture clinic work as well as daily on myself. I am finding the selenite swords, although they are still just a tool for us to use, have had some profound effects on my clients.

As an acupuncturist and Advanced Energy Light Worker, I focus my work with the Akashic Records. Using the swords, they have helped me to reach a different level of information.

At the workshop, I “saw” Tom as a crystal keeper back in the Atlantean days, where he was working with crystals, programming them, keeping them working for the people then. Presently I see him working again with the crystals, programming them to higher energies from 5D into our 3D reality, so we as Light Workers can take advantage of it. Tom has put in various incantations, ashes from ceremonies, invocations to the angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, as well as prayers for the highest good into the handles of his swords. All packaged deal made easy for the Light Workers, how lucky are we?

I use these swords on selective clients, enhancing Esoteric Acupuncture treatments as well as clearing and balancing the energies immediately. In my Advanced Group Meditation, I use the swords to invoke the Higher Beings to be present, protect, guide, transform our energetic fields to a higher frequency so we may heal and remember our potential. Everyone present always seem to feel “on the energetic high” from these meditations.

I treat my swords as an extension of me, keeping it in my bedroom, talking to them as they are my friends who assists me when I need them. I am not normally a crystal fan nor do I work with them, but the swords are a different category. I feel this is the only way to work well with them. As those who work with crystals know that crystals can be programmed to do anything we need it to do. Being the highest frequency in the crystal kingdom, they hold great intelligence and memory from the past so that we, as humans with the highest frequency of all living beings, can work well together.

I will be attending Tom’s level 3 workshop once again in November at the Sunshine Coast this year. I am honoured that Tom is giving me Certification as a Selinite Sword of Light Practitioner under his banner.

Hopefully this will explain a little more about Tom’s work and may give some encouragement to those who are contemplating on attending his workshops.

Much Love

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