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Shiatsu or Raindrop Technique

Shiatsu and Meridian Therapy

Shiatsu or Meridian Therapy can be used to treat many conditions, or simply as a way to achieve and maintain inner wellbeing.


Raindrop Technique

"So much more than a massage"

Imagine the sensation of vibrational therapeutic essential oils being massaged into your feet and dropped onto your back.

Physically nurturing of the body, uplifting the mind, heart and soul.

Infinite gratitude to D Gary Young for developing Raindrop Technique and providing through Young Living the range and quality of essential oils that makes this massage a unique and individual healing experience.

Watch the video to see Gary Young teaching this technique

Oil Massage

"Thanks, Alison, for the book, and a big thanks for listening to me & much love to you. It’s the most challenging part having someone to rebound off of cheers again"


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